How to JANDO?

Simple. Secure. Immediate.

Whether you need to send money to your loved ones, pay your bills, top-up your phone balance, shop online or pay for your purchases in a physical shop. You can do it all with the Jando prepaid cards.

  • Sign up online to Get Jando
  • Choose between a Jando Webcard or a Jando Card
  • Fund it easily and start transacting

Jando Cards are secure and available at a wide range of loading and spending limits.

Jando’s simple system allows you to connect multiple Companion cards to your Jando account and also restrict the use of these Companion cards. Here are a few examples:

  • You may create a Minor’s Card for your child and fund it. This card is restricted for purchases that only regard minors. Therefore you can rest assured that the card will not be improperly used
  • You may choose to add a Jando Medical Card in your companion cards and give it to a family member. This card can be used solely for transactions relating to medical tests, Doctor’s visits, hospitalisation expenses, purchases of medication etc
  • You may choose a Jando Retail Card and provide it to a friend or family member. This card can be used solely for purchases in retail stores

But this is not all that Jando has to offer.

  • You can also set up multiple beneficiaries, in multiple currencies
  • Beneficiaries can be existing Jando users or not
  • Send  funds to your beneficiaries
  • Receive funds from your beneficiaries
  • Keep track of your incoming and outgoing payments through the easy to use Jando interface
  • Get immediate alerts and protection from Jando regarding possible improper card use, and much more

At Jando we truly mean it when we say: Payments. For Everyone.

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