What Makes us Different?

Jando is an end-to-end B2B2C mobile-based solution

  • A world-class team of seasoned financial & tech professionals with strong entrepreneurial backgrounds
  • The ONLY 360° B2B2C payments solution in the MENA region
  • A successful bricks & mortar distribution network in place – with an established license and an existing and loyal client base
  • The Jando model – fully regulatory compliant and adapted to each local territory

Growth Opportunities

Growing regional demand for financial connectivity is still unmet – many people don’t have a bank account or a credit card, and the simplest financial activities incur high transactional costs.

A World Class Team

The JANDO team brings forward over 110 years of extensive and proven Fintech experience, from inception – through major mergers and acquisitions – to the exit phase.
Members of the team have held senior positions in major financial institutions such as Mastercard, Barclays, DataCash, Investec, ABSA, Naspers, Capitec and Nedcor.

Our team’s has proven track record, particularly in the Pan African and Middle Eastern regions with successful project roll outs across these geographies. Their experience is highly diverse and includes: mobile loans, payroll systems, co-op banking and more.

At JANDO, we believe that in the financial digital world strong execution abilities are key. For a company to operate and scale successfully it is crucial to understand complex regulatory issues and have a deep know-how of the financial IT world – on top of strong marketing capabilities.
It is practically impossible to find such an experienced team in a young start up. JANDO is truly priviledged in having this rare group of professionals on board and fully committed to Jando’s success.

Tim Price, CEO JANDO Group
Hratch Geukdjian, MD Jando International
Christina Christofi, VP Back Office & Operations
Michel Chaccour, CEO JANDO Exchange, UAE
Kobus Booysen, CFO
Marios Vrachimi, Head of Compliance
Jaco Scholtz, CTO
Scott Lane, MD Jando UK
Daniel Abdel-Malak, VP Marketing

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